Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween Cookies - classic black

My favorite sugar cookie recipe is only improved by some cool cookie cutters and food dye. I highly recommend using black paste to color your dough. The paste is concentrated and assures a dark, sinister, black cookie dough, without too much hassle. Glass or metal mixing bowls and an apron are also a good idea, since this stuff stains.

White icing is a great contrast, and shows up well in black light. Yes, we do spend time thinking about how we'll light our food (sometimes with sad results - see Brain Jello Mould post). I'm a firm believer that food that lends itself to the general theatrics of Halloween should be showcased.

Black spiderweb cookies with white icing look fantastic, and the black makes a nice background for a pumpkin cookie iced in orange.'s Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies

Incorporate your non-Halloween cookie cutters, and take a look at the gingerbread skeleton cookie recipe at Inspired to be a bit more gruesome than usual in my baking one year, I did something similar with black dough and a fish cookie cutter for our pirate themed party.

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Parasite Gal said...

Yummy! Will they turn my tongue black?